Our Purpose and Mission

Our Mission:

To acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of our community and to promote acceptance and understanding among its residents.

Our Vision:

To make Morristown a city where all individuals are equally valued solely “by the content of their character,” and are welcomed and celebrated for the uniqueness they contribute to the community.

Our slogan is “…Promoting unity within the community”

To download a brochure describing our projects and events, click here

Officers of the Task Force and Contact Information

Dr.  Alpha Alexander, Chairperson – alphaava@aol.com or at 423-277-2250
Patrice Conway, Vice Chairperson—423-586-1200
Sami Barile, Sec. /Treas. – SamiBarile@msn.com


 We welcome anyone who would like to be part of our group.
Please contact one of the officers to become part of our group.