There are many organizations, both local and national, with whom we connect. Sometimes, it is for purposes of seeking information or guidance; sometimes, it is to partner or support.

Nationally, we urge you to check or subscribe to RSS feeds for the following.  Click the name to be linked.

National Day of Service: –This is the national website for developing Days of Service around the country on MLK Day each year,

Teaching Tolerance. This is a wonderful resource for teachers, facilitators, parents and anyone who is interested in expanding his or her sensitivity to issues related to diversity.The weekly magazine offers current reading, curriculum, video links and other classroom exercises.

Here is a list of local organizations or sources of information with whom we cooperate. Clicking on the name will take you to their website or facebook page.

AAHA (African American Heritage Alliance) – This group focuses on preserving, restoring and celebrating knowledge of the history of the African American community in East Tennessee. AAHA is a task force of CEDnet.

AHERN Magazine – This is an online magazine providing church news, inspiration and news to celebrate in, to and for the black community of the Lakeway area.

FATA (From Africa to Appalachia Foundation) – The purpose of this group is to celebrate the uniqueness of the African-American and Appalachian ethnic heritage.

H.O.L.A. LAKEWAY:  H.O.L.A. Lakeway is a CEDnet group whose mission to link Latinos with organizations & businesses for the promotion of strong and unified communities.