Heritage Park Name Change Proposal

 September 15, 2020 

A “steering committee” has been formed from the relationships built between The Reunion of the Ages, Morristown Task Force of Diversity, Men of Vision, Morristown College Alumni and Friends. It is a combined effort on the part of these people to be instrumental in the renaming of Heritage Park. 

For years, it has been an ongoing endeavor with the Reunion of the Ages to maintain the integrity of the college and its accomplishments. Our vision is to preserve the history and its contributions to the community of which it served. 

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step! We are respectfully addressing you on this matter of renaming the park at the former site of Morristown College. The naming of the park was handled by our city officials of which we were not involved in that decision-making factor. 

It is through this united partnership that we desire to bring forth the proper recognition that Morristown College duly deserves. It is the assurance and mutual agreement of all parties concerned that now is the time to influence the future! 

On October 6, 2020, we will be addressing the City Council of Morristown at their monthly open hearing meeting which the public is welcomed to attend. 

It is at this time and after much deliberation, we will be proposing that any affiliated signage would bear the name of “Legacy Park” | Former Site of Morristown College

We are asking for your support and comments on this name change. The Reunion of the Ages website which is www.reunionoftheages.com has a designated email link specifically for you to post your comments. 

If you agree that the name should be changed, please respond to Morristownlegacy@gmail.com and share this information with other alumni and friends. 

Please utilize your Facebook and any other media you use to help us spread the word. 

Thank You 

Darlene Ely, President of Reunion of the Ages 


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