Current Projects

Morristown Task Force on Diversity (MTFD) maintains certain projects on an ongoing basis and is involved in partnerships with several other area groups as a major stakeholder. For more information click on the headings below.

Books for Libraries: Each year, MTFD selects a book focusing on diversity, inclusion and community building and contributes copies of those books to the libraries of the four Hamblen County Middle Schools and to the eleven elementary schools in our school district.

Hidden Treasures Garden Project: Hidden Treasures Academy is creating partnerships with several area organizations, including MTFD,  in their effort to establish a horticultural credentialing project for those who attend the academy.

Morristown Parks and Recreation Playground Support: MTFD is raising funds in support of the installation of playground equipment for children with disabilities at the Martin Luther King Park, 350 W 9th Street. The park is city owned and has a wonderful view, picnic facilities, a permanent Butterfly Garden and playground equipment, but could better serve children with emotional, physical or social disabilities.  We want to  add value, joy and opportunities for children who are other-abled to play together.

2017 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Awards: Each year, Morristown’s Task Force on Diversity solicits nominations from area residents for three community awards. We want to help lift up those whose unselfish service shines as reminders that the ongoing work of bringing hope and justice into the world is our calling.

If you know someone who has made significant and public contributions in any of the three categories, we invite you to nominate that person by virtue of a letter of recommendation. Members of the Task Force will review every nomination and select the honorees. They will be presented with their award at the 2017 MLK Community Breakfast and Celebration on Monday, January 16, 2017.