2017 MLK Student Essay Contest

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2016-2017 Writing Prompts:  I Have A Dream

Grades K-2:

Dr. King is sharing a dream of what the world would look like if everyone got along.  Show/Tell how your dream world would look if everyone were treated nicely and with respect.  (May include illustration.)

Grades 3-5:

If Dr. King’s dream from his “I Have a Dream” speech came true, how would your school and community look different?  How would people treat each other? What would make Dr. King the most proud?

Grades 6-8:

What words, phrases, or sections of Dr. King’s speech do you find the most powerful and why?  Are they still powerful today?  How so?

Grades 9-12:

Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech identifies the goals of the Civil Rights Movement to overcome segregation and racism. What are the new dreams of your generation in terms of justice and equality in America? What will it take for your generation to overcome?

Guidelines for the Essays

Length and style:

K-2 – May be submitted in words or pictures

Grades 3-5 – An essay between 150-200 words

Grades 6-8 – An essay between 250-350 words

Grades 9-12 – An essay not to exceed 500 words


The essay may be handwritten or produced on a computer in 12 pt font
Submitting the essays:  Individual essays should be accompanied by a separate but completed entry form, copy attached.  If submissions are coming from a class in school, we ask that teachers number each essay from the class and include entry forms with numbers which match the essays in a separate folder or envelope.
Copyright:  All essays become the property of MTFD which reserves the right to publish all essays.

Judging Criteria:

Essays will be judged on the following criteria:  Content and clarity of expression-30%;  Originality-20%;  Development of topic-30%;  Grammar, spelling and other mechanics-20%.
Prizes:  A cash prize of $100 will be awarded to the winner in each age group.
Winners and at least one adult family member will be expected to attend the Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast at 1st Presbyterian Church at 7:00 am, to present his or her essay.

Deadline for Entries is Friday, December 2, 2016

Hamblen County Schools return to Mr. Clement’s Office

Others should mail to:  Morristown Task Force on Diversity, c/o Rose Center, 442 W. Second North St., Morristown, TN 37814

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